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Centre for Social Reconstruction
Centre for Social Reconstruction


Women Development Programme:

Against the background of the patriarchal system of society, the women need special attention to ensure their development and participation in the decision making process at home, in the community and governance.

With the objective of bringing about economic and social development of women and improving their status in the community the programme for Women Development was being implemented by CSR in and around Tiruchendur of Tuticorin district and Thovalai blocks of Kanyakumari District.

The various activities planned and carried out are:

These activities had made impressive impacts in empowering women and improving their economic and social status in their families and communities.

Education & Empowerment of Rural Women:

Assistance :

The project is implemented with the financial assistance of PWDS-EED Germany.

Objective :

To strengthen the socio-economic and educational status of the weaker sections and to empower women and pave way for the wholistic development of rural people in a sustained manner.

Target area :

Tiruchendur, Udankudi and Alwarthirunegari blocks of Tuticorin District.

Focus on :

Rural artisans, marginalised women and palmyra tapers.

Activities :

The various activities implemented were:

The thrust of the programme is organising women and federating them at different level to enhance their social status. Due to the entrepreneur development skills promoted, the women took up various income generating activities as individuals and as a group such as mat weaving, dairy farms, palm crystal candy making, flour rice, fancy shops, petty shops, soap manufacturing, textile business and paper cup. So far 58 groups are involved in income generating activities and 3173 individuals have taken up income generating programmes.

The federation of women SHGs called 'Sangamam' was formed by the members themselves based on their own experience and the exposure they received. It decided to start a supermarket and a building was constructed. As a share of Rs.10,000 was collected from each SHGs by the federation. All the SHG members buy the provisionary items from their own Sangamam store and steps are taken to distribute the items at their door steps through vans. The federation has assumed maximum responsibilities and there is ample scope that soon it will become fully self sustaining entity.

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