Centre for Social Reconstruction
Centre for Social Reconstruction
Centre for Social Reconstruction



The objective of the project is to extend promotive, preventive and curative services with the intention of effecting behavioural changes among Women in Prostitution.
Child Rights

To create awareness about evil effects of child labour and its eradication and to form child labour free villages.
Micro Credit

CSR lends its hand to help those in poverty by giving a small amount as loans.
Social Welfare

CSR's objective is to promote social welfare activities and implementing welfare programmes for women and children.
Women Empowerment

With the objective of bringing about economic and social development of women and improving their status in the community the programme for Women Development was being implemented by CSR.
Health Services

CSR aids to those who are in need of health and medical services.
Relief & Rehabilitation

CSR provided vocational support for income generation to 80 persons with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities.
Networking & collective functioning

CSR believes in collective functioning and works with and coordinates a network called Collective for Development Initiatives (CDI).
  • Child Rights
  • Micro Credit
  • Social Welfare
  • Women Empowerment
  • Health Services
  • Relief & Rehabilitation