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Centre for Social Reconstruction
Centre for Social Reconstruction


From the Inner Heart -Care and support:

Realizing the fact that HIV/AIDS is an enduring epidemic which must be fought along with prevention control activities, CSR provides care and support services for the persons and families affected. The main burden of disease in PLHA arises only from a limited number of opportunisticinfections to which they are most vulnerable. In most cases TB, Pneumonia, Diarrhoea and oral thrush are themajor causes of mortality.Adequate response tothe health care needs of PLHA need a better understanding of their care and support needs. The needs of PLHA not only include medical care but also social, psychological, emotional, economical support and protecting their rights especially to confidentiality. Hence there is a need for a holistic continuum of care through all stages of infection which also should be accessible such as diagnostic and health services, social services and community based and home based care services. Our experience suggests that effective responses to HIV/AIDS occur only if interventions are community based with full involvement of the community members.CSR believes that the support services ensure a holistic care that should offer treatment and psychosocial support to patients, as well as support to care givers and relatives, including orphaned children. CSR implements two community based care and support programmes in its working area.

Community based HIV/AIDS Care & Support Programme (CBCS):

The CBCS project based in Marthandam focuses on the people living with HIV/AIDS and their family members and ensures the affected lead a positive life. The project is initiated in the year 2001 with the support of PWDS Alliance. It covered 82 villages of Melpuram, Munchirai and Killiyoor blocks. The CBCS project is supported by 8 community based Home Care Guides and 4 Staff. The intervention made considerable in roads towards achieving reduction in the death ratio of PLHA and motivates themto avail various services. PLHIV in that areas were linked with CBOs, FBOs, SHGs. In the process 56 Philanthropists are identified by the CSR teamand PLHA linked with them. In order to sustain the intervention, efforts were made to create community based sustainable structures. Overall 258 PLHA, 58 CLHA, 374 CAA and 333FAA are received our services.

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